What Sets Australian Wines Apart

How Australian Wines are Positioning Themselves as a Global Powerhouse


Australian wine has long deserved to be recognized among the finest in the world. It can be argued that wine is not synonymous with Australia the way it is with Napa Valley in California or with numerous regions in France, but even if its reputation is lagging behind, its quality is not.

There are numerous reasons to adore Australian wines. This is a fact already known to many. Winery owners such as Denis Mackenzie who have been involved in the industry for a long time know all about how much the quality of the alcoholic beverage has improved over the years.

The ongoing improvement of the Australian drink is not going to be halted anytime soon. If anything, the upward trajectory it is currently on seems to be climbing higher.

It is time for connoisseurs to stop sitting at the sidelines and passing on bottles of Australian wines. These wines are as good as any offered in other parts of the world, and they possess certain qualities that help make them stand apart from all the others that are available.


Australian Wines Have Been Reborn

An article from WineAustralia.com notes that the last decade featured a bit of a low point for winemaking in the country. That was due in part to some winemakers pursuing praises from American critics a little too doggedly.

Eventually that led to the quality of wines in the country declining. Gone are the days when wines from The Land Down Under broke into the territory of being overripe or carrying too strong a flavor of oak.

In their place are wines that remain highly appealing but possess flavors that are not quite as overbearing as the ones that permeated their predecessors. Winemakers have grown to understand that continually pursuing a specific flavor profile was working against their intention of producing the best wines they could, given the grapes they were working with.

Additionally, winemakers are taking into greater account the regional variables when growing their grapes. Doing so has allowed for the production of better wines, because the natural flavors are being allowed to shine.

There’s one more way in which the winemaking process in the country has changed over the last few years.


Technology Is Deeply Involved in Australian Winemaking

During an earlier interview with WineAustralia.com, Dr. Scarlett Liu discussed how robotics techniques have been utilized in viticulture, which is also known as the harvesting of grapes.

According to Dr. Liu, there are viticulture practices that have been done manually for so many years that can now be carried out with assistance from machines. Tasks that could previously demand plenty of time from grape growers could now be automated, resulting in the entire process being made more efficient.

That’s not all that new technology is doing for the winemaking industry.

Dr. Liu also talked about how proximal image sensing is helping to give farmers better information related to the crops they are growing. By using this particular kind of technology, it has become possible to estimate both fruit load and berry size. What’s even more impressive is that proximal image sensing can be utilized at any time during the growing season, and it would still return valuable information related to the fruits being grown. Machine Learning

With such vital information made available to growers earlier on in the winemaking process, it becomes easier for them to make the right adjustments that will lead to the production of better Australian wines.

This is just the start of robotics and other new forms of technologies being used in the winemaking process. In the future, it wouldn’t be that surprising if more advanced techniques are used, and the winemakers of Australia could very well be the ones leading the way when it comes to that.


Australian Wines Are Made with Sustainability in Mind

Denis Mackenzie and other owners of wineries in Australia are not just focused on producing the best products possible; they also want to do that in the most sustainable way.

This updated approach is necessary. The industry is already feeling the effects of climate change at the moment. If sustainability is not pursued, there may come a time when this beloved beverage is no longer widely available in the country.

Many of the updated practices that are meant to promote sustainability come in the form of new ways to care for vineyards. New irrigation methods have been adopted for greater efficiency and vineyards are also being located in cooler regions.

The fight for sustainability is ongoing and for as long as climate change remains a problem, the makers of Australian wine will need to adjust to make sure that their industry will not suffer.


There’s Nothing Like the Australian Shiraz

The Land Down Under is known for producing a wide variety of delicious wines, but if there is one variant that truly stands out from the pack, it has to be the Australian Shiraz.

The grapes used for the production of Shiraz wines are the most widely grown in the country, and it should also come as no surprise that this variant is regarded as the favorite by many people.

Bottles of Australian Shiraz are produced all over the country and just to calm down the lovers on this fine variant of the alcoholic beverage, farmers can continue to grow the grapes needed for it even as they follow the new sustainability guidelines and practices.

It certainly doesn’t appear as though the popularity of the Australian Shiraz will be diminished anytime soon, and why would it?

The flavors of Australian Shiraz are simply divine. The opening sip reveals the natural sweetness of the grapes, but they are then cut with a tartness that is most interesting. Allow a glass of Australian Shiraz to sit for a bit and soon its aromas will waft through the air, enchanting those fortunate enough to be in their path.

Pair the Shiraz with roasted red meat or aged meats to draw out the peppery flavor that has been hiding.

Anyone lucky enough to taste some Australian Shiraz will surely be seeking it again before long. The good news is that the Australian Shiraz will always be here to delight connoisseurs.


Australian White Wines Are Worth Trying Too

Perhaps the meal for the day is not made up of red meat, meaning partaking in a glass of Shiraz is not necessarily ideal, does that mean that other Australian wines are not capable of filling in for it? Of course not.

Australian white wines are similarly remarkable.

The Chardonnay is pleasant and delightful in so many ways. It dances on the palate and introduces the drinker to a wide array of fruity flavors.

The Riesling features more pronounced citrus flavors that are quite complex themselves.Citrus

These lighter wines may not have the same reputation as the Australian Shiraz but that should take nothing away from the fact that they are truly wonderful to have with any meal.

Australian wines are some of the most incredible beverages available today. That is something winery owners like Denis Mackenzie will attest to as well as something that wine lovers from all corners of the globe will vouch for as well.

Tourists planning a trip to Australia should make it a point to visit at least one winery during their travels, so that they can understand for themselves why the wines produced by the country are truly special.